DeedClaim Products

The DeedClaim document creation platform uses a sophisticated interview process to create customized, state-specific documents for individuals, trusts, and organizations.  Our interviews guide you through the document creation process with simple, easy-to-understand explanations of the legal concepts involved. When you complete the interview, our software creates a customized document that matches the choices you made in the interview.

We currently offer the following products:

  • Online Deed Creation Interview – Use this interview to create a customized, state-specific deed to transfer real estate. This interview will also help you choose the right type of deed for your situation. We support all of the popular deed forms, including quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds, lady bird deeds, and life estate deeds.
  • Online Transfer-on-Death Deed Interview – Use this interview to create a statutory transfer-on-death deed form that takes effect on the death of the owner. This interview will create a transfer-on-death deed—often called a TOD deed—that is attorney-designed to meet the statutory requirements in your state. Depending on state law, a TOD deed may be called a beneficiary deed or deed upon death.
  • Survivorship Affidavit Interview – Use this interview to create a survivorship affidavit to remove a deceased owner from the title to real estate. (This form can only be used if the property was jointly owned with rights of survivorship prior to the owner’s death.)

Each document comes with step-by-step instructions for signing and notarizing the document and filing it with the local jurisdiction.